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The aim of this project is to get great deals for things that our members need to buy.


We do this by:

  • - Understanding the procurement needs of our members

  • - Identifying goods and services providers for Buyers Group

  • - Negotiate pricing and rebate structures on behalf of buyer group members 

  • - Making sure our members understand the value of a collective approach

For the last few years, we've focused on insurance, in partnership with Mark Sloman from Rothbury Insurance Brokers (see below). If you'd like to know more about the Buyers Group please contact Gareth:   

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Key attributes
  1. Through the power of group buying, premiums should be lower than you are currently able to get. So far, the savings have been significant, see below.

  2. Better coverage through Mark understanding what our needs are; which parts of our cover can be grouped together, and which parts can’t.

  3. Better service. Mark and his team will be answering your calls/emails so you will have a personal service – they will know you and your business. The Rothbury team also represent you when talking to the insurance providers so can get the best possible outcome for your organisation.

  4. For each member organisation that is signed up, Rothbury will pay an annual rebate back to the networks. This allows us to investigate other opportunities for adding value to the Buyers Group


How to get a check

The best time for a fit for purpose review and, if appropriate, change to a new provider is at the anniversary of your current cover. The ‘set and forget’ option is to contact Mark now and let him know your policy anniversary date and he will get back in touch with you at the right time.


What you will need to provide

For Mark to give a fit for purpose review and quote you will need to give him:

  • Current insurance schedule (to check that you have appropriate coverage)

  • Current premium

  • Turnover for the organisation

  • Number of staff, not counting volunteers

  • Summary of the normal activities for your organisation

  • Any insurance claims made in the last 5 years


Mark Sloman
DD: 07 834 6186
M: 021 839 180
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