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At Kora, we wanted to make a way to get the best discount to customers every time on every litre of fuel, no restrictions! A bunch of kiwi innovators had the same thought. Kora is new-ish, but the brains behind the idea have been around the block a few times, especially in the card and fuel world.

We pitched our idea to Mobil and Waitomo, and they were keen. We are sure you are familiar to these household names. They have been providing quality fuel to kiwis forever!

Our company name Kora has personal meaning to us, primarily it means 'fuel' in Te reo Māori. As proud kiwis you will notice from time to time that we choose to incorporate Te reo into our branding and delivery.

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Buyers Group Benefit

Members gain access to discounted fuel, through one combined agreement for all our separate entities. For convenience, organisation or individual billing is enabled directly through Kora fuel membership.

Buyers Group Contact for Access to Member Purchasing Group

Tash McGowan

Partnership and Revenue Specialist

M: 021 265 2270

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