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Online prep-sessions
Discussions in preparation for the hui workshops
Via Zoom

Working with Government with Byron Terris (Iron Duke) and Sue Coutts (Zero Waste Network)

Network Cross-over and Collaboration Projects

Introduction to Collective Action with Billy Matheson

Friday 3rd September

The world will not end


How to build Climate Change conversations into the work you’re already doing. What is the right language to use and could we be doing this from a regional framework? Ruud has been turning yucky conversations into fascinating conversations for decades as NZ’s well-loved bugman.

(No video recording was made for this session, but you can check out the notes from all the sessions here)

Climate justice & equity with Emily Bailey (Climate Justice Taranaki) 

Session Notes:

We've put together some notes from the five pre-hui conversations, and welcome your contribution to these. Link here.

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