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Combined Session: Community Enterprise 
From Friday 17th September

Session 1: Crucial Climate Context:  Hear from key note speakers James Shaw, Minister of Climate Change and Tina Ngata about the crucial things for a just transition to a low carbon society. Debate what does this mean for collective action across our three networks?

Session 2: Get the low down on why we have been issued a challenge to take collective action on climate change. Join the debate about if we should accept the challenge and meet people from across the motu and networks.

Session 3: Interactive session generating candidate ideas for action if we choose to work collectively on Climate. Be inspired be cases from across the motu and join colleagues similar to you to share ideas.

If you’d just like to view the notes and minutes from these sessions you can do so on our Trello board here, or see the chat transcript here

Session 4: See the emerging picture from across the motu. Should we do it? What are the top ideas for action? What will happen next and how you can influence it.