Welcome to the Strengthening Communities Hui!

The Strengthening Communities Hui is where a large number of community and social enterprises get together to laugh, learn and get reenergised. These groups come from throughout Aotearoa New Zealand and are working on actions to achieve zero waste, renewable energy, healthy homes, ecosystem restoration, generation of local jobs and many other projects that contribute to thriving local communities.

Each of our networks aim to create positive change in our local communities, Aotearoa and the world. This years theme ‘Collaborative Impact’ will explore how growing connections between people, groups and sectors can increase the difference we make, and how the way we talk about our impact matters. We’ll look at options for tracking and expressing the difference we’re making, what success looks like, and what the value of a well connected network brings to achieving change.

We’ll be together for three days, which will include keynotes, case studies, workshops,  networking and fun!

The hui is also an opportunity for our important partners to come and listen, discuss and influence. Representatives from central and local government, philanthropy and other sector thought leaders will be there and are a vital part of the conversations we have.

This year it will be in Kaitaia on the 23-25 Oct with the 24th set aside for the three networks to work through their sector specific programmes.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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We are working with the team from Ekos again to make the event carbon neutral for all transport related activity. The approach Ekos use is very well aligned with our values and  our aim, over time, is to make the whole event carbon neutral.