Environment Hubs Aotearoa
Online Programme + Zoom Recordings

9-10am // EHA Introductions

Meet some of Environment Hubs Aotearoa's 18 member Hubs; environmental pioneers from all over the country. During this korero we will celebrate the diversity within our community, as well as get to know some of our newest members..

2-3pm // A snapshot of inspiring Hubs' projects Brent from Ecomatters (Auckland) will be introducing the Bike Hub, highlighting its sustainable transport, environmental, health and waste benefits. Cath from Envirohub BOP will talk on Precious Plastic Tauranga, a social enterprise based on the successful global movement established by Dave Hakkens in the Netherlands.

Zoom recording here.

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Tuesday 14th September


Wednesday 15th September


9-10am // Finding Funding…Mistakes I didn’t know I was making until I ran a philanthropic trust

Georgie from Sustainability Trust (Wellington) will talk about funding dilemmas, from her experience both as a grant-seeker and CEO of a funding body within the Wellington region. She'll go over the pitfalls she's found along the way, as well as sharing some top tips from her funding know-how. 

Zoom recording here.

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9-10am // EHA AGM

For EHA members only.

10-11am // Diversity on Boards

Jo Wrigley, Manager of Go Eco Hamilton, along with several Go Eco Board Representatives, talk about their journey to promote diversity. They will share their recent conversations, the important questions they identified and how to do more than just have the right words. 

Zoom recording here.

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2-3pm //Making Sense of Data
Starting with the EHA's long-standing Global Goals data project and moving into one way of presenting data, the EHA online map, Dr's Dan Ducker & Jen Pannell talk to us about collating and presenting our important data and ways we can use this in our hubs.

Thursday 16th September