Community Energy Network
Online Programme + Presentations

Wednesday 15th September

9.30-11.30am // Community Energy Presentations and questions

       Download Climate Sensitive Towns


Watch the Session 1 Zoom Recording here

Passcode: Fh2x?u.9

1:30-3.30pm // Community Energy Workshop

Facilitated Small group workshop using the presentations from the morning.

Watch the Session 2 Zoom Recording here

Passcode: kG8$K9es

For any questions about the CEN sessions please email CEN Executive Officer, Gareth Cartwright on:

Thursday 16th September

9:00-11am // Two streams:

Stream 1 // Practical Healthy Home/HPA Session with Ian Mayes

  • Latest curtain research update

  • Ventilation – ref HHS

  • Work arounds’ – what can you do if floor cavity is too low for example

  • There will be plenty of opportunity for broader Q&A but if you have a question in mind please fire it through and I’ll add to the list.

Stream 2 // CEN Projects

  • Update on engagement with Government and other sector groups

  • EECA – WKH and Full retrofits, EH Evaluation Group

  • MBIE – Energy Hardship Group/Definition

  • HPA

  • Recent submissions – MHUD, ICCC, EA

  • Monkeytronics Home Sensors

  • Kiwibank update

  • ERANZ – EnergyMate trial

  • Media/Social Media

  • New offer from Insurance BG

1:30-3:30pm // CEN Member Projects (10-15min each)

  • Whanau Ora Navigator training - Awarua

  • Heat Pump Hot Water - Sustainability  Options

  • Full retrofit projects, including prefab 'wet rooms' - HHTT

  • WHIPIT - Wise

  • SEEC fund projects (3min each) - SO, Sust Trust, CEA, Sust Taranaki